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Rapidly Accelerate Your  Sales – WITHOUT Wasting Time & Money On Inefficient Digital Marketing
Advanced Lead Generation

Gain exclusive leads and get more quotes out the door with your business.

Reach People Who Already In-Market To Purchase your Products.

Imagine if you could focus your marketing and communications to the people who are actively looking for the products and services that you are selling.

Congrats! You have made a wise move in partnering with us to create a consistent,scable prospect generation system for your practice. We select our clients carefully, and we are thrilled to be working with you!

You now have the ability to reach people who are searching for your product.  We offer technology that makes reaching these customers possible in today’s marketing environment.  However, this technology does not operate magically.  We need to know everything about your practice, so we can put your ads in front of the RIGHT people consistently.

Please take the time to complete the questionnaire below. Once we receive your responses, on-boarding and campaign launch may take up to 3 weeks. We’ll be in touch shortly to go over your responses.

Why do we match email addresses, not IP address?

Ip addresses don’t work, we tried doing it that way. Too many people share IP addresses so it’s never going to be useful for identity resolution. We drop our cookie during an actual transaction so we are sure we are getting a real person. Then match that person in our 250 million person identity graph which has 3.2 email addresses and 2.5 device IDs per person. Then since we own a DSP, we are also able to connect the behaviors of those people to what they are actively pursuing a purchase of. We can only do this because we take in over 15 billion behaviors per day.

How do we match email addresses?

We have our Smart Pixel on tons of sites that capture the data of the user, email address, name, phone number etc. This data is sent to our IT system that takes this data, keeps it, and tracks the behavior of the customer. When we’re able to “match back” your clients’ website visitors with the information in our consumer database, we can turn an anonymous prospect into a “flesh and blood” lead by providing that person’s name, email address, mailing address and phone number, and we can match about 55% of the customers. Since our Pixel is embedded in the sites it is not a cookie that can be deleted from the customer’s computer. Our data is the first party because it is our pixel capturing the information. When you place our SMART Pixel on your client’s website, we’re able to capture their traffic and match back the identity of their visitors. We’re also able to capture their visitors’ behaviors pre- and post-click, and use that data as a training sample for your client’s custom targeting algorithm.