About Us


Todd Lindahl, President and CEO of TBL Inc, is both a born entrepreneur and IT enthusiast with over 20 years of experience as a Siebel/Oracle Architect and Infrastructure and Core Business solutions serving a variety of medium to large Fortune 500 corporate businesses. His primary goal for TBL Inc is to ensure that technology and creativity are used in a practical manner that, in the end, fits the needs and goals of each and every client.

What Makes Us Different

Our key focus is to create exceptional value and provide excellent customer service through/by doing just that. We aim to creatively approach every point of the client experience while continually to improve on our services and products.

Our Strategy & Culture

Our strategy is to run our business in a simple, sustainable and conscious manner, as the services we offer are innovative, efficient and aligned with the environment for which they are being implemented. The client comes first. We know, and believe, if we take care of the relationship we have with each client the rest will take care of itself. We want to engage our clients in a positive manner by listening and dialoguing, welcoming creative input and enabling them to experience a profitable return on investment.